Pastured Meats and Eggs

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Our Freedom Ranger meat birds are a heritage cross that thrive in our pasture system and have superb flavor.

We move our broilers every day onto new pasture in a Salatin-style chicken tractor. We supplement their pasture diets with certified organic, corn/soy-free, non-GMO feed. They never receive antibiotics or hormones of any kind. 

We process each broiler ourselves in the most humane way possible. How we end these lives is as important to us as the quality of their lives leading up to harvest.


We currently have a mix of heritage breed laying hens producing a rainbow assortment of delicious eggs with deep orange yolks.


The hens live in clean, open conditions outdoors. In addition to certified organic, corn/soy-free, non-GMO, the hens get excess produce from the farm, and scratch around active compost piles teeming with worms and other insects. They also never receive antibiotics or hormones of any kind.



Our hogs live happy lives out on our pastures, running and rooting as they please.


Like our chickens, they are supplemented certified organic, corn/soy-free, non-GMO feed and produce from the farm. No antibiotics or hormones of any kind.


Each hog lives a happy life nearly free of any stress. That life is ended right on the farm, never having to see the inside of a slaughter facility.

To Buy:

We sell our pork by the live half/whole directly to families through WSDA certified processors, and whole chickens off the farm following harvest.

Pork: $5.50/lb hanging weight pluse slaughter, cut & wrap

Chicken: $5.50/lb whole

We sell eggs off the farm as well as at some of our farmers market outlets.

Please reach us on our contact page if you are interested in pork or chicken for the 2017 season!